Feb. 6th, 2007

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I haven't been very good about progress reports, but let me assure you that progress is occurring :). I'm up to chapter 23 right now and hope to be at 26 or farther by the end of the day. Yes, Selkie has short chapters.

The edit is going smoothly, almost too smoothly. I wonder if I'm doing a good enough job sometimes, and then I catch a continuity error so maybe I am.

That said, there isn't much to talk about in this edit. I'm not finding things that stump me, or things I can't believe I put in. Like getting feedback from busy editors, what comes here are the high points and the low ones.

So here's a high point, and a hmm.

I write multi-POV books almost entirely and I don't hold to one POV per chapter. Therefore, the issue of grounding the reader in a new POV is an important one for me. I edited the first scene from Dylan's perspective a few days ago and, afterwards, had an odd realization. It is clear from the first paragraph, the first sentence even, whose POV has center stage. What makes it funny is that he has no name at that point in the book. His own is unpronounceable and he's been unconscious the whole time so has not picked up a human one yet. So, the tradition of using the character's name was right out.

He felt the pressure of her hand against his pelt still even though he'd seen her move away. No, not pelt. Ignoring the hunger that gnawed at his stomach, he inventoried his state, finding arms and legs in place of fins and tail.

So what do you think? Is it the fisherman? He's the only other male introduced at this point. Somehow, I don't think there'll be any confusion :).

And stats:
Today's edits: 11429 words
27 Chapters complete - 53% of the novel
22 Chapters remain
55529 Remaining word count
63754 Current Total


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