Jan. 23rd, 2007

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Today I started to read through the crit I received of Shadows of the Sun (Kyrnie) and figured out I have my work cut out for me. The good news is that the problems I fixed in the last major edit were at least 90% on target and many of those sections (thank you Val and Justin) got great comments.

However, all was not easy breezy in Kyrnie land :p.

My friend Zette talks about weasel words, those little tiny words that serve no purpose except to be ruthlessly cut out before they bloat the word count.

Me? I have weasel plot elements :p. There's so much going on in Kyrnie that I took a few "act of god" shortcuts. I let events take place without seeding them so readers would say, "of course." Some of the ones caught in the crit I knew about and thought I'd covered, others I didn't notice until they slapped me in the face, still others I thought I'd resolved but obviously not well enough. But the worst of all were the little bits of feedback where I recognized the issue and knew I'd left it there because it was too big to face and I was too lazy to do anything about it :p. Sigh. Okay, to give myself a fair shake, at the time I knew they were there, I had neither the skill nor the strength to address the solution as it should have been and by the time those skills developed, to make some of the changes required serious reworking (this is where the lazy comes in) and I was afraid of editing.

So, the bad news is Kyrnie's going to require another major edit. The good news is that this major edit will not be as complete as the previous one. And I still think this book is worth it :). Even more so, I'm actually looking forward to this edit. It helps that the crit pointed to all the things I wanted the book to be doing as things that worked and put slashes through things I had just shoved in there because I thought I had to do something :). Still, I know which edit will probably make the list next after Selkie...unless I get guilty and sneak something in between for my crit group.

And despite all of this, I'm not quite done reading the crit. I still have about 200 pages to go, and at least one major comment. Still, I've seen enough to grasp the big picture as well as some of the smaller ones. Who knows? Maybe I've actually grown up enough to face the edits I need to make on my older books and those stories will stop haunting me :).


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