Oct. 18th, 2007

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And the crazy, last minute dash at a novel? It's finally over. Con Shirt has those simple two words at the end that mean everything to a first draft: The End.

I have to say the ending is awful and will require a lot of work. I don't have a good balance on the celebration because they've survived mixed with the "this isn't over yet" feel it should have. Is the book a standalone? Absolutely. Does it leave parts of the story still to be discovered? Yes. To be satisfied, you'd never have to discover any of those parts, but if you enjoyed the first one, those strings should draw you in to the second...which no, I don't even know the shape of, just that there's more to these characters still to come.

But really, the win here is that I'm done in time to prep for NaNo. How insane is that?

Oh, and it neither turned out as horribly short as I'd feared nor in a good solid spot for length. But a published friend assures me that publishers are looking for shorter urban fantasy, so we'll see :). It should also grow a bit in the editing.

And stats:
New Words: 1,190 words
71 scenes
71 complete - 100% of the novel
0 Scenes remain
0 Remaining word count
75,937 estimated length - with an average of 1,070 words per scene.
75,937 Current Total

And scary. Do you realize this novel went from idea to first draft in under 2 months?


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